Honeymooners on Safari: Andrew and Alisa’s Story

Written by Thomson Safaris

For many couples, a Tanzania safari is the ultimate honeymoon. Safari-goers are far from home, disconnected from technology, and experiencing brand new adventures together on a daily basis. After noticing many couples were coming to us to book their honeymoons, we decided to feature a few of them and ask questions about their experience when they returned home.

To start things off, we sat down with Thomson Safaris staffer Andrew and his wife Alisa to talk about what it was like to honeymoon in the Serengeti.

First of all, congratulations on your marriage! What made you choose a safari over, say, exploring Europe or relaxing on an island somewhere for your honeymoon?

Andrew: While other beautiful locations like Costa Rica and Baja came up, our dream was really to go on safari. I had been to Tanzania twice before, and it’s the most awe-inspiring country I have ever visited. Literally every day you see something so beautiful it could bring you to tears. Of course, the wildlife is unbelievable – and we enjoyed a ton of mind-blowing wildlife – but for us I think it was also important that we learned something new on our honeymoon. Meeting so many warm and friendly local people and hearing their stories was something we couldn’t pass up.

meeting maasai on safari during honeymoonThe newlyweds posing with Nekaaki Kioki, a Maasai storyteller.

Alisa: We chose a safari because it’s an opportunity to experience, together, a part of the world you wouldn’t normally. You see and do truly special things that make for a once in a lifetime experience. Unlike the typical honeymoon destinations, a safari offers a more exciting, interactive, and educational experience that fosters growth upon entering marriage.

honeymoon safari in tanzaniaAlisa meeting with some of the local children.


You had already visited Tanzania twice before, but Alisa had never been. How do you think that influenced your experience together?

Andrew: My first two safaris were in 2008 and 2011 – and I had the time of my life on both safaris. This time around, it was an amazing privilege to be able to share this all with Alisa. It was so great to see her reaction when we woke up on that first morning in Arusha to the sound of Blue Monkeys in the trees – and later on when we saw wildebeests crossing the Mara River, which was something I hadn’t witnessed on my previous trips. Though, the best part of going on this trip together was being able to share my second home with the person I love more than anyone else. I must add that Alisa was 5 months pregnant on safari, so knowing that our unborn daughter was there with us too made the experience really special.

giraffes on a honeymoon safariThe honeymooners were able to get within yards of friendly giraffe.


honeymoon safari camp in serengeti tanzaniaAlisa outside of their Nyumba getting ready to start the day!


That’s so sweet! What were some other moments you’ll always remember about your trip?

Andrew: My favorite memory was in the central Serengeti when a large herd of elephants had a standoff with a pride of 20 lions feeding off a fresh kill. There were many young elephants, including a newborn calf, so there was a lot of tension when they came face-to-face. The elephants ganged up on the lions and pushed them off the kill in a loud and aggressive display. It was so intense. We were all utterly amazed.

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Alisa: I’ll always remember the joy I felt while meeting the Maasai people who were curious, warm, kind, and very generous with their time and love. The children were so much fun to be around. This was by far one of the most valuable parts of our safari.

honeymoon safari in serengeti with maasai childrenKids being kids and modeling a pair of sunglasses.


That sounds amazing. How did the camp staff help make your honeymoon special?

Andrew: One evening in the northern Serengeti as everyone went off to dinner, the staff took us to a far-off section of camp for our very own private meal by a campfire. The table was decorated with a bouquet of flowers that the staff handpicked from around the camp. There aren’t many flowers in the Serengeti, so that was a nice added touch that meant a lot to us.

Alisa: The surprise bush dinners put together by the staff were so special because they gave us some time alone, away from the group. The scenery, delicious food, kind staff, and wildlife sounds came together to create a very magical and beautiful dining experience!

serengeti sunset on honeymoonOne of the beautiful sunsets in Tanzania. Until next time!


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