Guide Willie Kissanga Retires

Written by Thomson Safaris

With his signature smile, bountifulknowledge, patience and masterful leadership, head guide Willie Kissanga, has led thousands of Thomson guests on safari over the past 20+ years.

Willie began his employment at Thomson Safaris as a mechanic, and with a thirst for knowledge, he quickly found himself in new roles leading up to the position of head guide. His background in mechanics proved to be a great pairing to his guiding skills; our guests often commented about his driving expertise and the care and pride he took in his Land Rover. More than that, Willie’s enthusiasm for his country and its wildlife is infectious, which is an invaluable asset to any safari experience.

Kumbi Salim, a fellow head guide and long-time friend of Willie’s, said “When I joined Thomson Safaris in 1987, Kissanga became like a teacher for me and so many others. He is a wonderful person, very friendly, and peaceful. He also happens to be an amazing mechanic and guide and he became a great mentor for us all.”

Willie’s dedication and longevity with Thomson Safaris was celebrated at a recent retirement party at our headquarters in Arusha.

We thank you for your dedication and wish you well, Willie!