FOTZC Completes Kitchen at Robanda Primary School

Written by Thomson Safaris

Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FOTZC), our non-profit arm specializing in community-based projects, recently completed the construction of a kitchen with high-efficiency stoves at Robanda Primary School, which is located just outside Serengeti National Park.

Prior to the stove installation, the kitchen staff had to rely on the inefficiency of cooking on an open fire as well as depending on the students to supply bundles of firewood each week.

Yohana Makongo, headmaster at Robanda Primary, told our staff that “thanks to Focus on Tanzanian Communities, the kitchen has been completed and it is wonderful. Our students, teachers, and staff are very excited about using this facility as it will help us very much. Giving students nutritious meals is so critical for learning.”

The benefits of the new kitchen and the stoves are three-fold: food preparation is more efficient, the children can focus on their studies instead of gathering wood and the amount of wood culled from the surrounding area is decreased.

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