“Asante Sana to Thomson for making this dream happen!”

Written by Thomson Safaris

I have dreamed about a safari in Africa since I was a young child. My children often heard about this but the realities of raising kids, running a business, funding college educations, etc. were in the way.

Finding myself in my sixties, recently retired, I started seriously thinking about a trip to Africa.  None of my friends were interested in going with me. They were hesitant about a safari and their safety while in Africa. Then my daughter started getting concerned that I may never go and offered to go with me to celebrate our two milestone birthdays that year. It was a big decision for her, since it meant leaving her husband and two kids for almost two weeks. Off we went last August not knowing that we were embarking on the most amazing adventure of our lives.

From the moment we stepped off our plane and met Mustafa and James, our guides, we were treated with warmth, comfort and friendship. Not once did we have any worries about our personal safety and our belongings.

With the expertise of our wonderful guides, we saw up close more animals than one can imagine. But my best memory is the smiles from the people of Tanzania. From our guides to the staff at Thomson’s wonderful Nyumbas, our trip was full of smiles and friendship.

Anyone dreaming of a safari should not be hesitant to go, you will have the best time of your life, an extraordinary adventure. Asante sana to all at Thomson Safaris for making this dream happen for my daughter and me.

Anne F., Classic Safari