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Our Guests’ Favorite Moments with East Africa’s Wildlife

They came within inches of gorillas, watched the world’s fastest cat chase down its prey and saw the king of the jungle face of...

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Safari Experts Rate Tanzania ‘Best Safari Country in Africa’

For the second time, Tanzania took the title of Best Safari Country in Africa by a panel of experts and over 2,500 other review...

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Why Visit Tanzania? 15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about the Country

Tanzania wasn’t a popular tourist destination in 1981 when Thomson Safaris was founded, but owners Judi Wineland and Rick Thoms...

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Sick of Winter? Here Are 7 Warm Winter Vacation Ideas

Look out at the Eastern Serengeti, where the land seems to go on forever. The beginning of the year is a popular time to think ...

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Why You Don’t Need to be a Camper to Love a Safari

This week we have the pleasure of speaking with a recent guest, Mackenzie, who recounts the safari adventure she experienced w...

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A Typical Day on Safari: Nicole’s Favorite Memory of her Trip

Nicole points to a pride of lions during a wildlife drive through Serengeti National Park In a way, safari is impossible to sum...

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Moving On Up: Wild Dog Releases in Serengeti National Park

Protecting rare and endangered species isn’t just about changing attitudes towards wildlife conservation; sometimes it’s as si...

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