Apply for an e-visa

You can apply for an online visa on the Embassy of Tanzania’s website.

Embassy of Tanzania

Please click here to download our helpful cheat sheet to refer to while you fill out the form online.

Cheat sheet

We suggest keeping this document open in a separate window as you complete your online application. (Note: The cheat sheet is a sample of a U.S. application, some fields may differ for non-U.S. passport holders.)


When your visa is approved, typically after 5-15 business days, you will receive a Visa Application Notification and a Visa Grant Notice via email.

Both must be presented at the immigration e-visa window upon arrival in Tanzania.


When will I hear back about my application?

Visa applicants should receive a notification email once their application has been approved. This can take between 5-15 business days (applicants should check their spam/junk mailbox to ensure they do not miss the email).

How will I be notified that my visa has been approved?

Once your e-visa is approved, you will receive an e-mail including a Visa Application Notification and a Visa Grant Notice.  You will need to present both of these at the immigration e-visa window upon arrival in Tanzania.

Can I check on the status of my application?

Status can be checked by logging into the e-visa website with your application ID #. (Please note: you must include all dashes when entering in your Application ID.)

Will I be provided with documents to submit upon entry?

Once the e-visa is approved, you will receive an email back, which will include an application notice and another Entry/Arrival declaration form that you will need to fill out manually and take with you for entry into the country.

We have traveled to Tanzania in the past, but we do not have our old passports/visa numbers/the exact date of our previous visit. What should we put in this field?

In the field of Visa Number, you may fill the current Visa Application ID if you do not have the previous Visa. Please provide your best estimate for your previous date of travel to Tanzania.

I may have applied too early for my visa. From what date is the e-visa valid?

The Visa should be valid from the proposed date of arrival as completed by the applicant online. Visa’s for U.S. applicants are typically valid for 1 year following this date as indicated on the Visa Grant Notice you will receive

The application will not proceed when I put in the phone number as indicated on the cheat sheet. What am I doing wrong?

When entering the phone number, please be sure to select the Tanzanian flag on the drop-down menu. This should automatically populate +255 in the field. Then you should be able to enter:  754755681. Please do not include dashes.

I can't upload my passport photo/passport bio data page/airline ticket to the e-visa site

The files you upload need to meet the size and file type requirements noted on the application. If you need to resize your files, you can use a program like or

I am only visiting Tanzania once. Why am I required to obtain a multi-entry visa?

All U.S. passport holders receive a multi-entry visa. Even if you are only visiting once, you will still need to apply for this visa and pay the $100 fee

I am retired - what should I select for occupation?

Please select “unemployed.” Many of our guests who are retirees have selected this field on their applications and have received their approved visa notifications and grants.

I am trying to upload a file, but I can't find it on my desktop/computer. What should I do?

When you search for a file, check the drop-down menu next to the field that says “file name.” You may be searching only for custom files. Please be sure to search for “ALL FILES” instead.

I’m Canadian—what kind of visa should I apply for?

All non-US passport-holders should apply for a 90-day “Ordinary” visa.

After entering the dates of my stay, it looks like my arrival day wasn’t counted as a full day in country. Is it okay if the website shows me as leaving a day later than I am actually departing?

No problem. The visa you receive will be valid for one year and allows you to stay in country for 90 consecutive days from the arrival date.

The site asks for my passport bio data page. Do I need to include the page with my signature on it, as well?

In our experience this is not needed; just the photo/bio page should suffice.

Do I have to complete the whole application at once?

The e-visa system should allow you to save your application at various points to come back to it later.  You must have your Application ID in order to log back in.  (Please note: you must include all dashes when entering in your Application ID.)