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Raphael really made the trip more enjoyable for all of us, but especially the kids. Under his quiet and humble demeanor is a man who appreciates kids and their energy, questions and desire for fun. Everyday he led games, crafts and conversation and he built a caring relationship with each child. He really helped soothe my son when he was sick and is an incredibly kind person. He was instrumental in making the trip a success. I highly recommend him for family safaris. 

Kathleen Byrne PFS 081822

Harrison must have the eyes of an eagle. HE would frequently see something in the distance and change route to provide exciting viewing experiences. 

Dick Kilbourne KILBOURNE 091022

The staff is what makes Thomson as good as it is. I always feel like they are family.

Jonathan McNeilly

I appreciated the attention to detail and Thomson’s ability to maintain the same high quality experience throughout the safari with no exceptions. Every staff member seemed proud to work for Thomson Safaris. Well done! Whatever you are doing, it’s working. [and James and Harrison are ingredients in your secret sauce!] Thank you for a memorable experience! 

Lauren Larson

SIS 092922

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