• Using protocols suggested by the WHO, the CDC and the government of Tanzania
  • A common-sense approach that respects guests’ and Tanzanians’ safety
  • Frequent hand washing/sanitizing, rigorous cleaning protocols
  • All guests are required to be vaccinated, and booster doses are strongly recommended
  • All safari guides are vaccinated
  • Your entire Nyumba camp crew are vaccinated

Arrival In Tanzania

Fully vaccinated travelers do not need proof of a negative COVID-19 test to enter Tanzania.

You will need digital proof of vaccination which includes: a QR code, your name, date of birth, the type of vaccine(s) you received and the date of each vaccination. Your CDC paper vaccination card is not accepted. If you do not have a digital record of vaccination, ask the location where you received your vaccine, or google “digital vaccination certificate” in your state. (Unfortunately, there is no one resource that works throughout North America.)

If you cannot access a suitable digital vaccination certificate, you will need to be PCR tested 72 hours prior to the first leg of your Tanzania flight. Proof of a negative result will be needed to board your flight, and test results must have a QR code. Please confirm your results will be digitized/have a QR code when making your testing appointment.

Your safari guides have all been vaccinated and will have been tested immediately prior to your arrival.

Please bring your own supply of sanitizing wipes and gels, and your own supply of masks, either disposable or cloth, for the duration of your safari. We also recommend bringing at least two rapid antigen self-test kits as a precaution and for peace of mind.

The government of Tanzania requires all travelers to have emergency medical evacuation coverage. For example, AMREF Flying Doctors (Silver Plan) or Arusha Medivac (Tourist Plan). Please note: These plans typically cost under $25 per person and work only as a supplement to your existing travel insurance, and do not replace the need for travel insurance coverage.


Each guest is guaranteed a window seat and access to the pop top roof, to enjoy fresh breezes and 360° viewing.

Vehicles are sanitized thoroughly with CDC-approved products daily, and as needed along the way.

Those in your car will become your “bubble” and you will remain in the same vehicle with the same guide for the duration of your safari, unless you decide as a group to mingle! (Extensions or extra services may result in a different car and driver, who will adhere to the same rigorous cleaning standards.)

You and your guide will have sanitizer available upon entering and exiting the vehicle.


Front desks, keys and any high touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently; both you and the staff member will be provided hand sanitizer before any transactions.

Rooms will have been sanitized prior to your arrival with approved cleaning supplies, with extra attention to switches, handles, knobs and other high-touch areas.

At Gibb’s Farm and at all Thomson Nyumbas, you will have a dedicated housekeeper; that staff member will don fresh gloves upon entry to your room.


International safe food handling standards will continue to be implemented, and all utensils, glassware, etc. will continue to be sanitized to the same high international standard.

Private in-room dining, and outdoor dining options are available at Gibb’s Farm and most Nyumba locations.

All guests and staff are required to wash their hands prior to mealtimes.

On Safari

Once you are out on safari, on the endless open plains, far from cities and towns, and in an open vehicle, you will likely choose not to wear a mask. This is a personal decision.

You may occasionally be reminded to keep socially distant or don your mask in areas where mandated by the Tanzanian government or requested by your guide.

At this time, we will not be offering certain cultural activities that bring guests and locals into close physical proximity. Shopping will be limited to only one pre-inspected location which follows strict disinfecting protocols, and it will only be offered as an option on the last day of the safari.

You are always free to opt out of activities and enjoy time in your private sitting area, savoring the fresh air and expansive views. In most areas, it is possible to see wildlife right from your tent’s veranda.

Remember that this is your dream trip. Simple, common sense practices implemented by both guests and staff will help everyone feel at ease – without impacting your enjoyment of this once in a lifetime experience!

After your safari

As of June 12, 2022, the United States government no longer requires travelers to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test for re-entry into the US.

If you are traveling to, or transiting through a country that still requires testing prior to arrival, please be sure to tell us. If we know your plans in advance, Thomson will assist with pre-flight testing.


These protocols are being revised periodically as more information becomes available.