Our Staff’s Travel From Home (to Tanzania) Challenge

Written by Thomson Safaris
travel from home to tanzania safari challenge
Staffer Andrew saw some amazing wildlife on his backyard safari scavenger hunt.

Staffer Andrew saw some amazing wildlife on his backyard safari scavenger hunt.

We miss Tanzania so, so much. Until we can rejoin our hearts in the Serengeti, we’re on the lookout for new ways to feel like we’re there. Inspired by the social media phenomenon #TravelFromHome, we created the Travel From Home (to Tanzania) challenge to help us Keep the Dream Alive. With a little creativity, inspiration and the right props, we used our house plants and pets to recreate our favorite memories of Tanzania.

Below are our staff’s submissions to the Travel From Home (to Tanzania) Challenge.

Staffer Angela’s Safari Adventure

Staffer Angela packed her bags, grabbed her passport and set out for safari! We’ve never seen lions with manes as majestic as this.

Sarah’s Safari Selfies Recreated

travel from home challenge africa elephantsWhile we await the return of world travel, we’re Keeping Our Dream Alive in different ways. Sarah made her safari dreams a reality again – sort of? Fun fact: Sarah’s mom painted that elephant using one of the Thomson Safaris’ catalog covers as reference.

hot air balloon travel from home challengeHere, Sarah is preparing for her hot air balloon safari in the Serengeti. Notice the green stripes on the “balloon” in her recreation photo. Now that’s attention to detail!

travel to tanzania from home challenge sarahAfter a long day on the plains, we like to kick up our feet, relax and enjoy the view. Coincidentally, we’ve been doing a lot of that at home. If only the views were as vast and open as they are in Tanzania!

Staffer Ali’s Mount Kilimanjaro Trek with her Daughter

travel from home challenge to kilimanjaro summit sign

Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, is a challenge for casual and experienced hikers alike. Staffer Ali recreated the summit sign atop Mount Kilimanjaro and she and her daughter ascended their basement stairs to simulate the climb to Uhuru Peak at 19,341′.


Staffer Andrew’s Safari Scavenger Hunt

Staffer Andrew has been on safari, but his daughter never has! During quarantine, he decided to fix that: he took her on a safari scavenger hunt in his backyard. Together, they found lions, elephants, giraffes and more, and learned a little about each of these animals along the way.

Andrew also took these amazing photos of the wildlife while he was out there.

travel from home challenge elephant toyIn this shot, you can really see the sweat glistening on the back of the elephant.

travel from home challenge giraffe toyThe giraffe is an elegant animal. Its neck is long enough to eat leaves from the tallest of onions.

travel from home challenge cheetah toyThis cheetah is a toy. This is not a real cheetah.

Staffer Brittany Recreates Her Favorite Wildlife Shots

hippos in serengeti and hippos at homeOn the left is Staffer Brittany’s photo of two hippos duking it out. On the right are two hippo pots. They’re too cute for battle, but maybe they are getting ready for one?

lion cub in serengeti and hedgehog at homeOn the left is Brittany’s photo of a lion cub resting in the shade. On the right is a photo of Brittany’s hedgehog, Chester. The resemblance may not be perfect, but he’s doing his best, and we appreciate him for it.


Staffer Sarah’s Fiance, David Attenborough and Some Sleepy Cats

Staffer Sarah brought the soothing baritone of David Attenborough, voiced by her fiancé, to this adorable wildlife viewing opportunity. We love it!

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