5 Reasons Nyumba Camps Create the Ultimate Safari Experience

Written by Thomson Safaris

We were determined to make the perfect Tanzania safari experience more than 35 years ago. Since then, every tiny element of our service has gone under the microscope.

We’ve invested incredible effort in crafting the perfect safari vehicle, and we’ve tinkered meticulously to design the perfect tent zipper. Details large and small get the full Thomson treatment.

The Nyumba Camps are the prime example. Thousands of guest reviews have taught us tents provide a significantly more intimate and memorable safari experience.

Here are the details that will make your safari perfect.

1. Make Camp in the Heart of the Wilderness

Click and drag to explore this 360-degree photo.

We devote a lot of energy into scouting campgrounds that are a perfect mix between beautiful and remote. Unlike permanent structures, these sites nestle into the environment without disturbing any wildlife or vegetation, giving you prime ground to see Tanzania’s natural roots.

With lodges, natural elements tend to recede over time with increased traffic and infrastructure development. Our method guarantees you experience the authentic wilds.

This strategy also gets us closer to the wildlife than possible with a lodge. Campgrounds can be moved with relative ease, so we can set up near any stage of the Serengeti Migration regardless of the time of year. Our guests see the seventh New Wonder of the World in its greatest light.

2. Experience Close Encounters with Wildlife

hyenaCamera trap photo of hyena close to camp during night-time.

You don’t have to go on a game drive to experience the wildlife either. Guests tell us listening to animals after dark is one of the most sensational experiences of the trip. The laugh of hyenas, the patter of warthogs, the rustle of elephants – you can take it all in from the cozy comfort of the tent.

In the morning, you’ll find animal prints crossing through the campgrounds. A gripping experience in and of itself, this also provides prime opportunities to test your track identification with your guide.

You’re participating in the environment, not just observing from the sidelines.

3. Relax in Amazing Facilities

relax at thomson nyumba camp

Don’t let past camping experiences fool you. We don’t sacrifice any amenities. Our guests have said the “intense level of comfort allows you to focus on the wildlife” and that we “include all the creature comforts.” If you don’t like roughing it, you’re in good hands.

4. Nyumba Camps Leave no Trace

Dining tent at Thomson's Ngorongoro Crater rim campNyumba camps pcitured at Ngorongoro Crater rim camp.

Providing a cozy experience can come at a cost. The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), will tell you that some of the greatest dangers to the environment and endemic species are the result of human development and encroachment.

We truly consider Tanzania our home. Its conservation is incredibly dear to us. Thus, the Nyumba Camps have been made to leave the smallest impact possible. Eco-friendly lighting, gravity-fed showers and the very nature of using non-permanent structures ensures the lands, people and wildlife of Tanzania are enriched by your visit, not harmed.

5. Warm Greetings and Fond Friendships

Karibu means welcome! Take it from the guides and camp staff – you can’t find a warmer welcome anywhere else!


The culture of Tanzania is one of fond welcomes, big smiles and friendly gatherings. Those values flourish in at camp in a very special way.

First, every part of the Nyumba Camp is a piece of the Thomson experience for Thomson guests. At most lodges, guests come from various operators with guides splitting their time among several groups. At the Nyumba Camps, you receive the mindful, cheerful attention of a dedicated host.

That’s a powerful detail, and the reviews about the guides prove it.

Arthur and Kao contributed to making my first sojourn to Africa (Tanzania) a lifelong memory worth repeating! [click quote for more]

We were so very blessed to have Leonard as our guide through this adventure, and now, as our friend. [click quote for more]

I love Samson – he was one of my guides 12 years ago, so it was so much fun to see him again at the airport. [click quote for more]

These are just three reviews out of hundreds that follow a similar theme. It’s a unique part of the Thomson experience that wouldn’t be possible if we designed the camps in any other way.