Become a Part of a Charitable Project in Tanzania

Written by Thomson Safaris

Our partner philanthropic organization, Focus on Tanzanian Communities, works with people in Tanzania on dozens of projects year-round. With the giving season around the corner, we’d like to highlight two flagship projects you can get involved in.

Fresh Water Wells in Northern Tanzania

clean water and borehole for maasai communities

What would you do if your tap water stopped working? What if there was no bottled water and no opportunity to travel somewhere with running faucets.

Imagine walking to the closest river, lake, pond or creek you could find, filling a five-gallon jug and lugging it back to your family by foot. Picture a journey several hours long and a water source you can’t guarantee is clean.

That’s what life is like for many people in northern Tanzania – especially during the dry season. Waterborne illnesses thrive, people go thirsty and children who could be attending school stay home ill or spend their days gathering water.

FoTZC is helping drill wells in the region. It’s one of the best ways to improve health within communities and ensure girls and boys can go to school without worrying about sickness or dehydration.

In fact, FoTZC and the communities it partners with have already brought clean water to thousands of people by drilling wells. Now, those families, and particularly women and girls, can spend the hours they devoted to gathering water on other beneficial activities.

COCOBA – The Community Conservation Banking Microfinance Program

maasai woman beading jewelry

We believe women in Tanzania deserve opportunities to run businesses and provide for their families independently. It can be difficult to find jobs in much of the country, and as you travel farther away from cities, job prospects disappear entirely.

Women are the first people affected. It’s hard for women to find jobs in the country generally. In rural areas it’s nearly impossible, and that makes raising a family incredibly difficult.

That’s why FoTZC launched COCOBA, a program that helps Maasai women start environmentally-friendly businesses. Since its inception in 2015, hundreds of women have started businesses in bee-keeping, leather tanning, beading and other markets that are green and profitable.

With reliable income, these women continue their education, send their children to school and better their communities. More than that, they send an empowering message; women in Tanzania are as strong and capable as anyone else.


Hundreds of people make these projects possible through large and small donations to FoTZC. Every contribution does an incredible amount of good.