Celebration at our Camp!

Written by Thomson Safaris

One of our guests just returned with a great sound clip from an evening at camp. Our camp staff celebrated a guest’s birthday by singing the Jambo Song, a popular East African welcome song for tourists. Everyone had a great time and joined the staff in song and a conga line! Have a listen to the clip – if you haven’t heard this song in a while, it might bring back some memories of your safari.

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Want to sing along?
Here are the lyrics:

Jambo, Jambo Bwana, Habari gani, Mzuri sana.
Wageni, mwakaribishwa, Tanzania yetu, Hakuna Matata
Tanzania nchi nzuri, Hakuna Matata.
Nchi yenye amani, Hakuna Matata.
Watu wote, Hakuna Matata, Wakaribishwa, Hakuna Matata.
Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata.

Hello, hello, how are you, very fine.
Guests, you’re welcome, in our Tanzania, it’s no problem.
Tanzania is a beautiful country, it’s no problem.
A wonderful country, it’s no problem.
A peaceful country, it’s no problem.
All are welcome, it’s no problem.

(note: the original song was released in the 1980’s  in Kenya, since then many versions of the song have emerged, which insert various East African locations into the lyrics, including Tanzania, the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, etc.)